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From TIME asia Magazine, issue dated November 13, 2006 Vol. 168, No. 20

King Bhumibol Adulyadej
Over 60 years, a beloved monarch has used his moral authority
to guide Thailand through many crises

As a single shot shattered the stillness of Bangkok's Borompimarn Palace
on a steamy June morning in 1946, the land some still called Siam changed
forever. Twenty-year-old King Ananda was dead. The manner of his
passing?by accident, suicide or murder?endures as Thailand's deepest
mystery. The pistol smoke barely had time to clear before the mantle of
kingship passed to Ananda's 18-year-old brother, Bhumibol Adulyadej.
Some, including a new magazine in Asia named TIME, pondered whether
the "gangling, spectacled" teenager could survive the deadly intrigues of a
fabled and faraway Oriental land.
The odds were against him. All across Southeast Asia, monarchies were
being extinguished?kings and princes stripped of power, driven into exile
or executed. Yet young Bhumibol steadily grew in stature, not least by
launching over 3,000 royal projects to help the poor. Even as a communist
insurgency raged, he personally delivered relief to remote villages.
Bhumibol also quietly counseled and sometimes openly cajoled
governments, always urging them to put public interest first. Having sat on
the throne for 60 years, he is the world's longest-reigning monarch. His
stewardship has been so masterful that in times of crisis Thais invariably
turn to one man: King Bhumibol. Indeed, on two occasions?October 1973
and May 1992?with Thailand descending into chaos, the King, armed only
with his moral authority, intervened to end bloodshed.
Today, a group of generals has again seized power. They have pledged to
give Thailand a fairer and lasting democratic system. Once more,
Thailand's people will look to King Bhumibol, trusting him to ensure that
the generals keep their promise.

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