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Hello friends,

Welcome to the most popular cyber community for classic car enthusiasts in Thailand.
Here you will find everything about classic car scene in Thailand and all the classic car events and meetings.
We specifically place this topic in the "Classic Motorsport" section on our site because i think most of you will hear about us from classic car racing.

Most of the content in our site are in Thai so if you have any question or looking for some thing in particular on our site, please let us know and we'll post a link to such topic here.

*Please note that to enjoy all photos on our site, you must registered with your real name and contact information.

To register:



"If you love classic cars, you are my friend"


All in english? I like  O:)11

Our first journey to race classic car abroad began here:

If I'm not mistaken, Team BCR (Team Bangkok Classic Racing) is the first classic car team to compete abroad.

Also follows our journey on Facebook

Here's the race VDO highlight:

CCCHK Race series R4

This is our race highlight at BIRA Circuit, Pattaya

Singha Classic car @ Pro. Racing Series rd 2,3

Welcome !!!

Although, you find some topics with nice pictures of your dream cars,
but you do not understand, simply copy that link and put it in here.

Some of us can help you understand them.  :><:

Cheers !!!


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